I'm still chuckling

My wife and her mother were sitting here in the living room, discussing how it might be better to change doctors because Nana’s internist was dropping the ball on some things. The details aren’t important, but the inspiration for this week’s Share came from my wife telling Nana, “You can’t always get what you want, but you get what you need. A famous man said that, didn’t he, honey?” {turning to draw me into the conversation}.

I managed to keep a straight face and replied, “Yes, he is rather famous, but I’m not sure if you would necessarily refer to him as particularly wise.”

“Why? Who is it?”

“Mick Jagger” and we both started laughing.

Speaking of documents

Senator Kerry, who has still failed to follow through on his promise, is now in the unsurprisingly hypocritical position of being the short straw puller of the Democratic Caucus, by issuing the first demand for all documents and memos “in their entirety” concerning Supreme Court nominee John Roberts.

Kerry is not a member of the {Senate Judiciary} committee. But he nonetheless injected himself into the debate at the end of a week in which Bush appeared to catch Democrats off guard by picking a court candidate with conservative credentials, yet one with little judicial experience, and thus, little public paper trail.

“The American people should know whether John Roberts will protect their constitutional rights if confirmed as a justice to the court,” Kerry said in a statement.

Constitutional rights, like eminent domain being subverted? Or like Government-funded abortion-on-demand? Like gay marriage? Or like banning even the hint of religion during Christmas Winter Holiday?

This is just the opening salvo of the three major arguments the Democrats will use, regardless of who President Bush would have nominated:

Claim that Bush didn’t “consult” enough with the Senate.

Claim that the candidate is “extreme” or “outside the mainstream”.

Claims that there are still documents being withheld by the Administration and/or the candidate

How about this, Johnny-boy? How about you just shut up, show up and vote your conscience when it’s time? Assuming you actually bother to show up, what with you missing more than 60% of all floor votes over the past few years. Almost AWOL-like…