A new funny

Although you might not think so.

Back when I had lots of time on midnight watches (5pm-5am, three days on, three days off), I used to work word puzzles to keep my mind alert, and that included the occasional cryptogram I found in the puzzle magazines.

I found this quote a while back, and it was funny without ever knowing what it actually meant, since it was making the point without ever needing to know exactly what it says.

"When cryptography is outlawed, bayl bhgynjf jvyy unir cevinpl."

I decided to study it for a second and saw letter patterns emerging. It took me about two minutes, but I was doing it in my head. Once I had solved it, I started laughing. My wife started reading over my shoulder and couldn’t figure out why i was laughing.

I’ll give you a hint: it’s a straight letter-substitution cipher…

First comment to actually provide the correct quote will get something nice.