I don't understand

I mean, I can understand why a 34-year-old teacher gets so desperate that she would totally ignore all of the other stories about teachers getting thrown in jail for having sex with students, and go right ahead and commit such an act for herself. I mean, it’s always “the other guy got caught, but I’m too smart for that”, isn’t it? I can understand that the student in this case - being only 13 - wouldn’t be sophisticated enough to understand that he could do a HELL of a lot better. He’s just exploring this new toy that makes him feel so good. However, I gotta say that 27 times (plus a blowjob) in a single week is pretty impressive. I can understand all that. What I don’t understand is how the Court came up with the bail amount.

Wondering about my sanity

Scanning through my digitized archives, I ran across this little number. (Knowing how popular it actually might be, I’m going to have to shift it to a different server.)

It tells the story of one adventurous little hobbit that started the whole chain of events in the trilogy known as “The Lord Of The Rings”. In a… rather… unique way, let us say. An early music video…


(The server warns that if this file isn’t downloaded for 15 days, it will be deleted, so if anyone tries the link and finds it missing, drop me a line, and we’ll work something out...)